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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.
~Mahatma Gandhi

Change, is the only thing which doesn’t changed these years of evolution of mankind. Even there lots of changes happened in the process of evolution, the only thing which doesn’t change is human emotions. The human emotion is the only thing that differentiates us from other living beings, as the emotions created several changes in the history of our human evolution.

As the time passes, the human emotions created several necessities to adapt situations arising in near future. The change of situation created an urge to evolve into something that merges with the transforming environment. Then it created peoples who changed the history, and also created future.

Jerlin Anika – Child inspiration

Being a special child   from Madurai Tamilnadu, 15 years old Jerlin Anikha from a middle class family and being a special child she won Gold for India,  at  World Deaf Youth Badminton championship in Taipet, Taiwan. She also won 4 medals includes 2 silver and one bronze.   She achieved this from practicing for 7 years, over 27 countries competed in all categories in this championship. Anikha practiced with no break and also managed her studies. For this match she was preparing for this for the last 4 years to achieve this goal. And she said her next aim was 2021 Olympics for specials. Her aim to reach the goal and her parents support made her to reach this place. Her positive approach to the world and all her hard work made India proud now.

K Sivan  As Self Made Man Made India Proud

K Sivam ISRO

 A 62 year old rocket scientist from Tamilnadu became the ninth chief of ISRO on January 2018. As a son of a farmer from a village in Kanyakumari had dealt with lot of struggles to reach such position. He is known for his contribution in the development of Cryogenic engines, with all his efforts made him to this prestigious and a responsible place. Even made NASA to tweet “space is hard we commend ISRO’s attempt to land their chandrayaan-2 mission on the moons south pole”.  When all the countries were struggling for several many times to achieve this position on moon but he made this possible in the Chandrayaan-2 with all efforts which created change in the minds of other countries about India.

These two are one of the examples of many peoples who working really hard to rise among their odds. The change which these people made, that impacted the society for good means a lot. Being a change in the society apart from our struggles and failures, the will to act and being determined to reach our goal is the key. Be the change!!