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Lavish Dreamers’ Dream of Independence

FREEDOM means different thing to different people at different stages of life. Whether you call it independence or liberty, freedom is a state of being FREE. FREE to do whatever you like, you want. Freedom implies no restrictions of any sort, no liabilities, and no dependence on anybody.

I believe freedom to be in a state when you not only live FREE but also feel FREE. So here’s an emotional angle to it. Feeling FREE is a state of mind.

Financial Freedom is no different. It is a state when you are and feel free to do anything and everything, with the money you have. You don’t need to exchange your time for money, but you value your time the most and spend your time the way you want without being worried about money.

This doesn’t mean that money is secondary in being financially free, but it’s a state when your money works for you and gives you enough time to enjoy your life. As I said that freedom is a state of mind, and you will feel free only when you feel secure.

Ask yourself, do you really enjoy your work or you are working just to earn more and more money. Why do you require more money? Is it because you have specific financial goals to achieve or you have so many loans to take care of. Look around you, do you really enjoy what you have or are just after accumulating what others have?

Freedom comes with knowledge – knowledge of what you have, what you want and how you can get it. Recall our Indian Freedom fighters. There were many things common between them. All had the single vision (Free India), common goal (independence) and followed a disciplined and focused approach towards Independence.

Working towards financial freedom is no different from that. Besides a vision or goal oriented disciplined approach, we also have to fight ourselves from within, fight with our ineffective habits like overspending, unnecessary leveraging, investing behavior etc. to reach that state where we can say that we are not worried about our finances anymore.

Define the Freedom which you are looking for, clear off the restrictions which may stop you from achieving your goal, plan for the responsibilities you have, and strive for the life that you want to live.

Very Happy Independence Day 2019