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Lights On

Lights on is the word itself means the way to capture a visual to the audience in a presentable manner. It also means that photography is an art of painting with lights. It is a way of communicating an idea in a single picture. Most of these pictures made really a massive changes in the society.

Moving to the next level the film making is making an idea into a presentable manner and so that it inspires the audience. It has been grown up from several levels, but the passion towards the film making is incredibly increased these days. When compared to the old days, people who are passionate about film making doesn’t have any proper platform or any other gateways to reach their first opportunity to make their debut as film making craftsman. As it comes to the film making there are lots of crafts are required to be organised in a stream line so that the end output should be enjoyed by the audience. Pleasing the audience is the major role of a film making team.

Every professional is once a beginner, as it comes to an individual who strives for an opportunity it’s really hard to get one. As it comes to the beginning stage there is one of the ways to showcase our talents in film making is making a short film. A short film is a form of storytelling in visually producing the idea in short duration of time that inspires the audience.

Now we are “SQUAT FLICKERS” gives you a platform. An opportunity to present your skills on film making like music, editing, directing etc. We are here to support you to reach your dream destination.

To shine in your dream path, all you need is a start. We are here to help you with it. Let’s shine together….

~ Maniarash