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Lavish Dreamers Internal Policies

[version: March – 2019 & Ref: LD New Regulations 2014]

1. Password Policy

  1. Password or security pin for any user app should not be shared to anyone. Incase if the IT team is resetting and sending the password to the client then it should be properly encrypted and password protected.
  1. Password should not be shared in whatsapp inpersonal or group. Instead it can be sent by sms or by email with password protection.

2.Idle Days Validator Policy

Every member has to login to any one of the LD app on daily basis to keep their profile active. The life time of every LD profile is 60 days if a person’s idle day is more than 60 days the LDCA system will automatically deactivate the member’s profile. Even though the member has paid membership fee or he is still having membership validity, his profile will be considered inactive. If he wish to continue again he must take an approval from LD Admin. Either he can contact or Once the Admin approves then the IT team reconsider the profile and reset it and activate the profile for reuse.

3.Team Contract Policy

Every year a Team Contract will be made within the Core team members in which all the major goals for one year will be mentioned and everyone responsibility and commitment will be explained.This contract will be valid till one year. Mostly this contract will be prepared at March month and signed and implemented from APRIL to MARCH of the next financial year.

4.Campaign Policy

Lavish Dreamers follows its own 13 Months calendar. In which every month has 28 days. Every 28 days we will be focusing on different talent and different challenging task. Every year the campaign name may vary but the campaign theme will be the same every year. Campaign theme is set based on our work for that particular month. Eg: Look Back campaign at December – Magazine works remembers old data and events. This Campaign system replaces our old LD Event cycle system. And every campaign will have a campaign runner and the campaign runner should submit a Campaign summary report and conclusion report as per LD template.

5.Newsletter Policy

  1. LD home page contact form subscriptions
  2. LD sign up subscriptions
  3. Password Change request
  4. LD events Update
  5. LD Campaign Update
  6. LD promo Offers
  7. LD birthday wishes
  8. LD Activation / Termination / Deactivation newsletters

6.Weekly Report Policy

Communication is very important within a team so Weekly report system exist. We have different template for different units of LD and all the reports will be merged and collected in LD drive by Ispark Team.

7.Communication Policy

In lavish Dreamers email is considered as higher priority for communication. Any official announcement or message has to be communicated through mail. And every member should be aware of list of mail ids in LD. and social medias like whatsapp, facebook messenger, or SMS will be given less priority in which we can just notify people that we have sent an email.

8.Financial Policy

The CFO organises the accounts department of LD and handles all the payment send receive process throughout all the financial platforms and apps. If a partner or CEO wishes to do some payment then he can send a mail to Finance department and the finance department will as for NOC letter/approval mail from other partner only then the payment will be processed. All the members and coordinators can redeem or claim their money invested for LD process from financial department. Every Payment will be processed only after both partner acknowledged.  

9.Mail ID Listing Policy

10.Job Title/Roles Policy

  1. Ispark Coordinator
  2. Plugins Tech CEO
  3. Krapicx CEO
  4. Squat Flickers CEO
  5. Giant WIts CEO
  6. Chief Finance Officer
  7. Social Media Manager
  8. Brand Manager [LE]