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Quarantine Code Contest 2020

As you all know Lavish Dreamers is traveling in the professional way towards success. And Plugins Technologies contributing it’s best technical services and support to it’s clients. As a team we all doing things well and good.

We are collectively facing a Pandemic threat that is sweeping across the humanity beyond oceans and borders. Considering the seriousness of COVID-19, it’s about time we step up against this deadly disease. For the sake of lives lost and the rest of humanity, let us all pledge to beat Corona back.

In this quarantine time we planned and executed out contest to engage our technical tallents.

** Participate *** Learn *** Show your Best *** & Get your rewards

Level 1:
Every participant has to create a Launcher chrome extension.
Mock up, contents and logo icons will be provided by us.
Best presenters will be eligible for next level.

Step 1: Simply Acknowledge Here by sending “👍🏻”, so you will be joined in the Level 1 contest

Step 2: You will receive the Mockup and Dev assets folder. To get started.

Contest starts 25thApril and ends 2nd May evening 5pm.

User story:

  1. User while click the “LD” icon from the extension, a floating window appears the content which is shown in the mockup.
  2. User while mouse-over the individual icons from that floating window, tooltip will be appear
  3. User while click into the particular icon, we need to redirect them into proper web links which is given.

Contestants Performance


Abdul Comments:

1.Icons cropped and fit.
2.Social media links has defined.
3.Icon overlay on hover done properly.

  1. line break on top and bottom done.
  2. popout is not smooth otherwise super.
  3. short Text below icon may be more effective.

Simple and Super work Dude Congratulations!


Dharani Comments:

1.Icons are stretched.
2.Need some padding between all icons.
3.Social media links hast to be redefined.
4.Icon overlay on hover not done.
5.Need some more line break on top and bottom.

Nice work Dude Congratulations!


Muthu Comments
1.looks very small layout
2.Icons are stretched.
3.Social media links hast to be redefined.
4.Icon overlay on hover done.
5.Need some more line break on top and bottom.

Simple and nice work Dude Congratulations!

Level 1 Best Performer

1st Abdul.
2nd Muthu.
3rd Dharani.

Lavish Dreamers team congratulates the winner and sharing it’s best wishes to the contestants for the second level.