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The Warship

About the campaign

The history of warships goes back in history to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Their ships were called galleys. The galleys were powered by oarsmen. The galley had a sharp point in the front for ramming other ships. In the A. D. 700’s, the Vikings invented the long ship. It weighed less than the galley and was stronger and more seaworthy. The Viking’s controlled the seas until the 1000’s. By the 1500’s most warships carried guns, and later became heavily armed ships.
     Aircraft carriers are the largest and most powerful warships. It has a large flight deck that enables planes to take off and land on the runway. They have radars that detect incoming planes and any missiles. The aircraft carrier is about 1000 ft. long and can carry  85 to 95 planes. They can also reach speeds of 30 knots.
     Amphibious warships land troops, weapons, and vehicles on the beach. They don’t have launching or landing equipment. These ships can carry 20 to 30 helicopters as well as troops and vehicles. Amphibious warships are about 800 ft. long and can travel about 20 knots.

Why this campaign

This is our first campaign for the financial year 2020-2021 and this is our yearly theme too. After years we have entered the market and we need to survive with our best possible efforts.

Campaign action

Si No.ActionEvent
1 Powerbook Presentation Powerbook App Launch 
2 Offer Letters to Departments. 
3Magical Lamp Works  
4 LE Online store updating 
5 Pending old Projects deliveries 
6 Catalogue Preparation[KR/PL] 
7IT Subscriptions Renewals 
8Full year Campaign Post for all units  
9SEO for All units  
10 Wedding ring project starting